Wooden Bow Ties



Every day is brighter when you look your best. The TV Head Company has brought a touch of playful sophistication to the way men dress, thanks to the unique designs and unexpected patterns on their wooden bow ties. This new alternative option to the standard bowtie is to encourage the most valuable asset, creative individuality. Make a statement with this new enchanting trend of wooden bow ties. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work or to a classy affair, you will look tres chic in the new wooden bow tie. If you’re a person that doesn’t know how to tie a bowtie then don’t sweat because wooden bowties don’t need to be tied up, you can simply adjust the band and clip it. This new trend has really set ablaze in the world of men’s fashion, as they find it much classier and aesthetic when compared with a normal bow tie.



In 2017, a lot of people have stopped carrying cash as they have started using credit cards. Even with the credit cards taking over, one still feel the need of a wallet. As time is changing, there is a new alternative to your standard wallets that is the wooden wallets. Yes, you read it correct—wooden wallets. Wooden wallets take less space than your average wallet, as they are designed in such a way to avoid taking much space and keeping your things safe. You can browse the TVHead online store in order to get the idea of wooden wallets, the unique designs displayed on their website will make you buy one of those for yourself.