Webbing is a very strong fabric that is woven in a flat tube. Due to the excellent quality of the tape, this particular product has excellent reviews and can be used in different fields. The quality of the tape is so different that it has several applications. These kinds of tapes come in different colors shape and size. The width varies. The tapes are generally of two types- flat and tubular. The flat one is solid that is used as seat belts, bag pack straps; decorations etc whereas the flattened or tubular one is used in climbing & have industrial application.


One of the most used regions where these tapes and fabrics are used in the sports field. The nylon tapes are used in strings, harness, slings, and anchor extensions. They are also used in adventurous sports like climbing and treks. The bad packs, tents, load adjuster and every other heavy thing that needs to be pulled and adjusted are made up of this kind of fabric. For the sports-related purpose, these ropes are generally base colors whereas, for decorations on seats, belts, bedding, curtains, mattress have a huge range of colors and designs.


For the different purpose, the designs of the tape vary. Another crucial variety of tape is Elastic Tape. These tapes have several applications in the medical field, sports, garments, clothing, and bands. Elastics are visible almost everywhere. The width of the elastic may vary from 4mm to 300 mm and can be even longer, so both of the products are extremely versatile.