VIE France




Studying abroad has always been a positive contribution to the life experience of any student. It broadens the perspective of an individual, helps students have a greater life experience and to develop important skills like self-reliance, speaking other languages, and understanding other cultures. In addition, studying abroad serves a double purpose. On the one hand, it allows the student to continue his or her education, which is always a positive thing. On the other hand, it provides invaluable and unique travel experiences. Studying abroad is nothing like going on vacation. It is better. Going on vacation is all about seeing the sights, relaxing, and, on occasion, learning a few new things. However, studying abroad offers a living experience and a greater level of immersion in the culture that no vacation can. France student travel is one of the most popular destinations for abroad studies in students of all levels. It is not surprising why this is. France is by itself a very popular tourism destination.

VIE France is a company dedicated to organizing student travel programs in France. With a great deal of experience under their arm, for they have been in the business of student travel for over forty years, VIE France has organized student travel programs in France for thousands of American students and their teachers. Their trademark Family Stay feature enhances the immersion experience of each student in French culture and language by hosting the student with a French family with a child of similar age to that of the student.