Ultralight Backpack Equipment



The concept of an ultralight backpack is very similar to that of a traditional backpack. You’re going to have a large compartment for storing gears as well as small compartments for easily accessible items. Ultralight backpacks will also have shoulder straps and hip belt to transfer the weight and a frame to make it feel comfortable on your back. The differences are going to come in the areas of material of the pack, the style of the frame, the capacity it will hold, and the general simplicity of the packs themselves. Choosing an ultralight backpack can become a blessing by reducing the weight from your back, while traditional backpacks can easily be 5 to 7 pounds and ultralight backpacks are generally around 2 pounds and even get less than a pound. Traditional backpacks are made out of very thick, sturdy, and heavy material, they are designed in such a way to take some beating and there is no doubt that they do their job well. The only problem when using a traditional backpack is that your legs and back are also going to take a beating under the weight. Ultralight backpacks save weight with the thinner materials like thin versions of ripstop nylon in Cuben fiber because the materials are a little thinner and you’re going to lose a little bit of durability but they are not feeble by any means. As someone who has traveled 3000 trail miles with an ultralight backpack with very minimal repairs, so it is safe to say that if you take care of an ultralight backpack, it’ll last for a long time.

The style of frame is also going to be different in an ultralight backpack. The traditional backpacks have very thick rigid frames for carrying big heavy loads if you’re going to take a hike for over 100 miles; you obviously don’t to be carrying a big heavy load. So, an ultralight backpack is going to utilize a much thinner version of the frame which might take a little while to get used to for most hikers to find them very comfortable. Ultralight backpacks range from something that might have a thicker frame for someone who wants a little bit more support, all the way down to an ultralight backpack that might not have any frame at all. You can sometimes use a sleeping pad, so make sure you slide that into your backpack and have a makeshift frame while you hike. Some backpacks also utilize metal stays that can add some support but won’t be adding too much weight. An ultralight backpack is also going to save you weight through simplicity of design, with the traditional backpack there’s a lot of pockets, straps, pouches, and zippers. When compared with an ultralight backpack, you’re going to get one good main compartment for holding your Ultralight Backpack Equipment, and a pocket on the outside to put something in that is more accessible, you will also be getting some pockets on both sides. It is safe to say that ultralight backpacks are ideal for hikers that are going for a long hike.