Trash Chute Hydraulic Closer


As a homeowner, there is a big list of things you need to keep in check, but sometimes these small things pile up so much that we often neglect the small little maintenance work around the house. If you live in a building where you use trash chute doors, then you probably don’t think much about maintaining it unless something is broken. More often than not, the trash chute closer is prone to wear out over the course of time; you need to keep checking it from time to time. Trash Chute Door Closer is probably the most vital part of having the chute door; if it is broken then your chute door won’t function properly.


If you are not a technical person then you don’t have to worry about anything, all you have to do is open your trash chute door, and you will see the piston attached to your chute door, it will be in a cylinder shape and can extend to 17 inches. Now, you need to inspect this part from both ends, at one end you need to make sure that little ball socket is not cracked from any side, and then you need to check the hydraulic piston, make sure it is not damaged from any side, which could lead to the leakage of the air. If all looks good, then you are good to go, if not, then you need to get the new Trash Chute Hydraulic Closer in order for your chute door to work properly.