Sulfate Free Shampoo


In today’s competitive job market maintaining an attractive appearance to keep a professional edge in business and a career is important to many people. The beauty services and beauty products industry is a multibillion dollar business that just keeps getting bigger.  These days it’s not just women but men as well that will spend small fortunes on their image by purchasing a variety of cosmetic treatments and beauty products. How many will have ever carefully considered what goes on their skin and hair?  Most people don’t give the safety of their beauty products a second thought.  They simply assume they are using safe and toxin-free hair care, skin care and cosmetics.



Unfortunately, the bad news is that many of these beauty brands and even natural hair care products contain potentially unhealthy ingredients. Why? Because the United States has a very loosely regulated cosmetic industry.  The FDA simply does not have the time or resources to be policing cosmetic manufacturers on a continuous basis.  Fortunately thanks to the work of consumer advocacy organizations like Environmental Working Group (EWG) consumers around the world over have become aware of what goes into their favorite cosmetics.  More manufacturers have been put on notice also to the potentials dangers of these toxic ingredients.


Love This Hair brand shares the same safe cosmetic philosophy with EWG. They have been selling safe, sulfate free shampoo and toxin-free hair products to hair salons in South Florida and online for several years.