Servidores Dedicados



A data centre is a large-scale computer facility, perhaps a room or a whole warehouse housing a substantial amount of computer hardware which can run software, run processes or store information. There may be referred to as a data centre or a server room. A server is any computer that is designed to process requests and deliver data to another computer over a network (either a local network or the internet). Large companies or government agencies might run their own dedicated servers (Servidores Dedicados) in order to centralise their computer operations. Increasingly they are also being used to provide cloud and fast scaling solutions to private businesses and individuals.


Almost any computer could act as a server, you could have you own small-scale ‘data-centre’ using just a regular PC, however for larger computer networks you will need multiple high-powered machines that are able to work quickly and transfer data without delay. A desktop PC is also unlikely to be reliable enough to function 24-hours a day to manage, store, send and process data. If you are need in additional computer power effectively you can rent a dedicated server, Servidor Dedicado, in order to quickly or temporarily gain access to additional computational capacity, but without having to invest in hardware infrastructure yourself. It can also be wise to make use of data centres to have a remote backup of important files – having a backup kept in a separate location is a failsafe against losing access to your computers and local backups for example due to fire, theft or any other catastrophe.


When choosing data centre services pick a company that offers a bespoke solution, so you can set up a package that suit you needs. Look for a company with spare capacity and high availability so that when your company grows they can supply you with more server power and respond quickly to your needs. Be sure to have a company that works with you – there shouldn’t be a need to install any specialist software or reconfigure your systems, their hardware should work for you seamlessly. Serveris Data Centre Services make use of the latest Tier IV Data Centre Technology and offer a comprehensive service at the best price in Mexico. Look for a dedicated server that means that it is solely licenced and performs no other tasks. Go directly to a dedicated hosting provider no a reseller. Serveris offer the fastest internet connection speeds, plenty of bandwidth to prevent bottlenecks and powerful servers that together produce rapid performance and clear improvement over other dedicated or virtual hosting providers.


A key priority for a data centre services is reliability. Severis makes it that their number one priority that their servers function 100% of the time, so they monitor their systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They have qualified knowledgeable staff to support your queries and make sure that your needs are fully met. They have 20 years’ experience, so you know you are in safe hands.