It’s been a real barrier for writers. Well, the publishers of course. If you are a writer yourself, you will know the whole thing. It’s a long procedure. From contacting a publisher to the printing press, the road is not really that easy. But with the digital media becoming important day by day, and with all the technology that we have at our disposal, it is now possible to Publish a Book by yourself.


You don’t have to wait for a publisher to approve your write up or story plot or don’t have to listen to any of those excuses which you may have heard all these time. But there are few things you need to careful of.



Communicate with your publisher. This is really important to understand the viewpoint of your publisher. Although you are publishing your book of your own, still you need to understand your publisher’s vision and business sense too.


You need to make sure that you are in full control. From editing to the selection of the cover page, it should be you whose decision shall be final. This is one of the most important of the benefits that Self-publishing brings in.


The next important thing will be the royalties. This is really important. In normal publishing contracts, the publishers would have had the upper hand, but since you are publishing your own book, you can surely stick to a higher percentage of profit. So, if you are thinking to get started with publishing, get to know all these and then you can go ahead for sure.