Ronald Perelman



Do you ever wonder how the most successful investors and business people build their amazing financial fortunes? Would you like to have the knowledge you need in order to follow in their footsteps and begin carving your own path to success? If so, studying the career and following the advice of Ronald Perelman is a great way to start building your own knowledge base of tried and true ways to amass a significant amount of wealth by knowing how to identify, negotiate and seize exceptional business opportunities. With an estimated net worth of approximately thirteen billion dollars, Ron Perelman is surely one of the richest and most well known dealmakers in the world. He started learning about the business world very early, as a young boy accompanying his father to board meetings, where he began to absorb the necessary knowledge to be a successful businessman, and later continued through his education.


Ron Perelman has amassed his considerable fortune through a variety of business deals, scattered in many different fields, from the well known Revlon cosmetics company, to candy produces, and even automobile companies, as he is the owner of AM general, the producer of Humvees. But, apart from being a successful businessman, investor,  and negotiator, he is also an avid philanthropist, generously donating to worthy causes, including as a patron for the arts. For instance, he has recently announced a seventy five million dollars donation to the performing arts center at the site where the World Trade Center stood.