Retail Security Tag



Are you planning on starting a retail store or already have one? Well then, security is undoubtedly your priority. Not only do you need CCTVs and other monitoring systems to ensure that the staff doesn’t get involved in any sort of malpractices or nothing gets stolen by customers or staff or anybody else. You need to install and use security tags and systems that can ensure that everything runs smoothly and you do not have to suffer any losses.


Security tags are easily available online as well as offline. However, they come in different forms and it is you who needs to decide which type of Retail Security Tag would be the best choice for you. These tags usually work on RF and AM technology and can produce alarms if someone tries to nick it off the shelves without going through the proper billing system. This way you will be protected from shoplifters.


However, to ensure that your retail store is fully protected, not only do you need security tags, but also need other security accessories that will make up a complete Retail Security System. For example, you must have security tag detachers and deactivators so that the security tags can be deactivated or detached at the point of sale to prevent false alarms. You will need security antennas to be installed at the doors so that they can alert you of any tag that is still on the retail items. This alarm can help the store manager or security guard to stop customers who trigger the alarm.