Prickly Pear Seed Oil



As the fashion scene advances, so does the beauty part of it. People have become very much conscious about their appearance and personality and are ready to spend and go the extra mile to look presentable in society and of course be appreciated and admired.


A lot of emphases are laid on the skin and its tone, texture and overall appearance. Loads of beauty creams and oils have flooded the markets. Some are doing wonders for the user while some may not be that effective. However, Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a face oil you can rely on to give you the desired results.



This oil contains Vitamin E that is thirty times the amount found in coconut oil and three times the number of tocopherols available in avocado oil. Being antimicrobial it helps in maintaining the purity of the skin by ridding it of its pollutants and impurities and bringing back the clearness of the skin while also protecting and taking care of other aspects of the skin.


Prickly Pear Oil is very convenient to use. You just need to squeeze a couple of drops onto your palm, add a little water, mix well and spread it evenly on the face starting from the forehead, nose and eye area down to the neck followed by a moisturizer. This oil is fragrance-free, lightweight and soaks into the skin smoothly. It is purely natural and organic and useful for all types of skins. It is filled with anti-oxidants and reportedly a cancer deterrent.