Phone Call Answering Service



If you are in the market looking to rent an office space in which to conduct business for your own company or your startup? Then chances are that you may be finding exorbitant prices being charged for subpar offices. If you are just getting started with your business, you may face an additional issue: Finding enough capital to fund your business and also rent a proper office space. Furthermore, even with ample funding another question may be whether it is a smart business move to spend so much money up front to rent an office when your business has not yet turned a profit. It may very well be smarter to keep your costs low while your business begins to grow to help you unload additional financial burdens on your nascent business.



This is why renting a full professional Serviced Office from BlueDog Business Centre may be the better choice for your startup or budding business. Starting at just thirty nine dollars per month, you can hire services such as Phone Call Answering Service, a prestigious professional address for your business, a dedicated p.o. box, reception service, and much more. With BlueDog Business Centre you can even have access to meeting rooms for all your conference and client meeting services.


With just a fraction of what you would pay renting a traditional office space you get much more because you do not have to worry about furnishing your meeting room or hiring a secretary to answer your calls and manage your mail.