Myles Elgaard Actor



Myles Elgaard was born to Ray Elgaard and Gina Elgaard in the year 1994, Feb 12 in Canada. His father was a famous Football player of Canada who claimed MVP award for 3 times in his career. His mother was a teacher from California who taught special education. Myles started is career as a football player in the high school at Palo Verde. Out of the 4 seasons he played football, he won the Outstanding Linemen award for 3 consecutive years.



Myles went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to study Criminal Justice and he joined police force as an Officer of Las Vegas Metro Police and worked for 2 long years. In the year 2017, he was also got the award of Commendable Action soon after he saved a suicidal man who was about to suicide. But even after all his good work as a police officer he neither was happy with his work, nor he was enjoying his life as a cop. So, very soon he decided to leave the police force and set his course of life to chase his passion of life – acting.


He then joined 1 Media Productions Acting Academy to learn acting and he studied under Frank Parrillo and Dan Hewitt-Owens. He soon understood his potential as an Actor and started working hard to become one of the best. He has already stared in Sibling Pressure, Dirty Cop Secrets, The Night of the Lunatic, and Titan’s Gym. He recently got an offer to act in the lead role in Nightmare Gate Box TV series as well.