The Internet has changed our lives in drastic ways gone are the days when you had to wait in a long line to pay for the stuff you want to buy, now you can simply get anything you want from the internet. However, just like in real world, all the shops are located at the certain addresses, everything you visit on the internet does have a specific address for it, and that address is called IP (Internet Protocol) Address.


Whenever you go on the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) allocate you a specific address, if you are wondering what your IP might be, then you can simply go to the My-IP‘s website, and you will be presented with your exact IP address. Your IP address is not something that is going to be stuck with you for forever, therefore, there’s no need for you to tattoo it on your body.


Your IP will change whenever you log on to the internet from a different place, such as your school, office, or coffee shop. In some cases, you’ll be allocated with a new IP address, if you simply turn on & off your Wi-Fi router. If you are thinking about changing your IP address, you can simply call your ISP and ask them to change. However, if you are curious about your current IP address, you don’t have to pay third-party software to find that out, all you have to do is simply go to My-IP’s website, and you will be presented with your IP address on the front page.