Move Out of Your Parents House



It’s time to move out of your parents house. You have awesome parents, nobody disputes that. But you’re tired of telling your work buddies that you live at home with Mom. Can’t stand your current roommate a moment longer? Friends with Beds is a safe, secure website that can match you with people who have an affordable place to stay. Stay short term or long term. Enjoy the camaraderie of a new roommate, combined with having your own address. Friends with Beds lets you pick characteristics of your new roommates; things like “book nerds” or “university educated” or your perspective roommates age range can help you pick someone with whom you will be compatible.


Perhaps you need to run away from bad roommates and find a place where you can agree on the things that are important to all parties. If having lots of privacy is important to you, or having no dirty dishes in the sink ever, this site can help. Eliminate people who you know you will not want to live with, and find the perfect fit for a roommate. Friends with Beds is easy to use, and is so secure that the website won’t allow screen scraping. Now is the time to move out of your parent’s house, or get away from bad roommates. Find the right roommate for you! Take a look at your options at Friends with Beds. Finding your perfect roommate, apartment-mate or housemate has never been more convenient. And it’s free!