Media Maison



Public relations (PR) is the business of managing information that is made available to the public, whether that be through print or electronic media. It is distinct from marketing, advertising or branding although there may be some degree of overlap and it can be beneficial to employ a full-service PR firm with expertise across all these areas. Media Maison is one such PR organisation providing a round the clock public relations agency that specialises in public relations and marketing. Individual or companies employ a PR agent either because they want to promote their brand or business, gain exposure and positive goodwill, or conversely, they may wish to prevent dissemination of some bad news or unfavourable information that may damage their image.



Expert PR specialists establish and maintain relationships with the media, opinion leaders, trade media and wherever possible their clients target audience. Typical tasks for a public relations professional might include designing communication campaigns, writing press releases, arranging interviews and press conferences and preparing the client, or even acting as an organisations’ spokesperson, writing website and social media content, crisis management of company reputation and organising marketing activities and events. Media Maison can cover all these areas and more, having specialist knowledge also in the fields of product development, branding marketing and digital media. They maintain relationship with national media, top bloggers and online web content creators to give their clients the best connections and the benefit of their honest and established expertise to effectively convey the best possible brand image.