Lost Vape Orion



Lost Vape has recently started to make Pod systems, but they have gone above and beyond with this idea. If you are an avid user of vapes, then it is certain that you are familiar with the Aspire Breeze, they are really good devices because of the amount of airflow you get. In order to get into this market, Lost Vape introduced their new DNA based Pod system; Lost Vape Orion.


They don’t make SX chips anymore, they used to do it, but they have evolved to making DNA based Pod systems, and they are really good at it. Not only it is compact but it is also a smarter DNA based Pod system as compared to DNA 20, 40, 60 etc (Usually, they are all of same sizes). It is a very efficient device with 950 mAh rechargeable battery and a micro USB port at the bottom of the device.


If you are looking for something little more powerful, then you might want to look into the Aspire Nautilus Pod, they have released so many great devices that they need to slow down for a bit. The market for Pod based systems is much more popular than the other counterparts, the rest of devices are basically dying breed. However, Aspire Nautilus is a Pod based system because you fill the tank in it. If you want to buy this new Aspire Nautilus, Lost Vape Orion, or any other pod based vape then you need to visit Juicy Js Vapes right now.