Los Angeles Newborn Photographer



Are you still looking for a reliable newborn baby photographer that can come to your home and not charge you an arm and a leg? Have you found a  more affordable photographer, but you do not feel comfortable letting him or her handle your baby? Do not waste your time and money with unreliable amateurs that bill themselves as newborn photographers. Baby and newborn photography is not as easy as pointing and shooting to take pictures.  In reality, becoming the best Los Angeles Newborn Photographer requires a lot more skills and experience, since it really becomes necessary to be able to both be sensitive to the needs of the baby and make sure the baby stays comfortable and safe throughout the sessions, as well as being knowledgeable and experienced enough in photography to craft beautiful images that any parent would be proud to display.

At love me silly, a professional Beverly Hills Newborn Photographer, formed by a husband and wife team with a toddler of their own, you can find the experience in photography as well as the special to handle babies safely, while keeping them and you comfortable that makes for a winning combination in newborn photography. There are no hidden fees in their prices, which you are informed about ahead of time and you have complete control over which pictures you want and how you want them retouched to ensure your complete satisfaction, so call today to book your appointment for  a newborn photography session with love me silly.