Locked Trash Chute Handle



A centralized garbage collection system is a common feature in all big complexes, whether that be a commercial one or a residential one. Not only that, the laundry system is also often centralized so that the residents of a building or the staff of a hotel does not have to work hard at sending all the clothing to the man laundry area. As such, such complexes are connected by a vast grid of laundry as well as trash chutes that open into all residential units or hotel rooms in case it is a hotel.



Though trash chutes are a common feature of these buildings, it is important that the entry points of these garbage chutes are locked up at all times. Else, a bad odor may start spreading from the garbage that is being deposited at the collector area. Not only that, due to the disposal of a huge amount of trash from the different units, pollution may spread as well if the collection area is not cleaned very frequently. That is why, it important that the chute entry points are fitted with Locked Trash Chute Handle that can effectively cut out the connection with the chutes once closed.

Not only in case of trash chutes, but in case of laundry chutes as well, it is advisable to install Locked Laundry Chute Door Latch that can ensure easy opening and closing of the door. To ensure the best performance a handle that comes with NFPA certification is a preferred choice. These handles will also fit most trash and laundry chutes and are, thus, greatly convenient.