LaFerrari Aperta Price



Recently, Ferrari has released a limited edition luxury convertible model with the same performance in terms of aerodynamics, beam stiffness and torsional rigidity as the coupé models. Yes, we are talking about the LaFerrari Aperta. If you are interested in knowing more about this amazing, limited edition model, keep reading and let us delve a little deeper into the LaFerrari aperta Specs. First of all, the first impression you get when you initially lay your eyes on the LaFerrari Aperta is that it looks like an entirely futuristic car, but with the distinctive Ferrari look. Since this is a convertible car, the first challenge for the team of designers was how to retain the aerodynamic qualities of the car, even when driven with the top down. The answer to this problem was to install a wind-stop positioned behind the driver to capture the air that would enter the cabin so that it is diverted in order to maintain the aerodynamic capabilities of this convertible car.

The LaFerrari Aperta is capable of going from zero to sixty two in three seconds and can reach a maximum speed of two hundred and seventeen miles per hour. The v-12 engine is paired up with a one hundred and twenty kW electric  motor to create a solidly powerful nine hundred and fifty hp and six hundred and sixty four pounds of torque. It is truly and impressive engine. However, the LaFerrari Aperta Price is rumored to be in the neighborhood of over 1.5 million dollars.