Kitchen Countertops



Whether the layout of your kitchen isn’t working, or you are tired of your old colour scheme, a new dream kitchen is top of many peoples’ list for planned renovations. Some of the big trends for kitchens in 2018 are colour contrast, texture and industrial looks, with personalisation and bold colours in either vibrant shades or pretty pastels becoming more popular.


Home renovations can be expensive and disruptive but renewing your Kitchen Countertops doesn’t have to be a messy and costly job. Instead of ripping out your kitchen surfaces you can have them resurfaced for a modern and hard-wearing finish. Resurfacing can save as much as 75% of the cost of replacement and still give your kitchen a brand-new look with granite or Corian style surfaces at a budget price. Another great advantage of resurfacing is that process is extremely quick and with a quality and efficient service can be completed – with your surfaces fully useable – within 48 hours. Resurfacing works not only to bring a new and updated look to your kitchen but to repair old or worn worksurfaces. Some examples of the types of surfaces that can be treated include; dated, worn down, chipped or cracked, stained or singed countertops.


The process at Renew Resurfacing begins by carrying out prep work on your existing kitchen countertop, cleaning and sanding down your surfaces. Any chips, cracks or dents are filled in and smoothed over and the surrounding areas are protected. Next a 3-part epoxy primer is applied and then a StoneFlecks coating is sprayed on. A chemical reaction between the primer and the StoneFlecks coating begins working to harden the finish. Finally, an acrylic topcoat is applied. The StoneFlecks surface will have the look and feel of a more expensive granite or Corian worksurface but for a fraction of the cost. StoneFleck is a lay flat product that gives a smooth stone-like finish. It can be applied even around the front of the worksurface, to produce a new bevelled or rounded front edge and disguise a square countertop and tell-tale black line of lamination. It is also non-porous and much easier to clean and with better stain resistance too – meaning your new surface will stay looking new for much longer –in fact with Renew Resurfacing a 5-year limited warranty is offered. The 3-part system gives an extremely hard and durable finish, the same formulation is used through the maritime industry and even for space satellites. Unlike laminate or real stone worktops if your new countertop is ever damaged it can be touched up like new again with the same process.


Renew Resurfacing of Omaha is a family run business owned by Candy and Jim Work that can transform your kitchen countertops or assist with Bathroom Remodeling, whatever your needs. They can even assist with design and colour choices or make recommendations based on your preferences with free personalised consulting. With satisfaction guaranteed this family firm has built its success on complete 100% customer satisfaction.