Kilim Pillow



The secret to a restful night is actually very simple. You need enough hours of sleep, a comfortable bed, a dark and silent room, and, of course, a soft, comfortable pillow to rest your head on. Many people pay attention to most of these factors, but few of us really stop to consider the type of pillow we select. There are endless options in terms of the softness or stiffness different kinds of people prefer for their pillow or pillows. In fact, there is still more to think about when selecting a pillow, for they can serve additional purposes other than just purely to serve as a head rest or to make your sleep more comfortable. For instance, the right pillow or pillow cover can also be used to decorate and give your room a defined character and style, which can be a fairly inexpensive way of giving a room just the right decorative accent it needs to come together aesthetically. One of the best options to achieve this doubly duty is by decorating with some comfortable and stylish Kilim Pillows.



If you are unfamiliar with this type of pillows, let us explain a little bit why they are the best choice to sleep comfortably, as well as provide excellent decoration alternatives to any room. A kilim is a type of textile that is created with flatweaving and come from the historical geography of Turkey. In fact, kilim is a word originating in this region of the world comprising Anatolia, the north of Africa, Iran Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Balkans , and as far an China and other parts of Asia. Kilim fabric can be used for a variety of products, from rugs to pillows. Now, let us delve a little bit deeper into the weaving technique. Unlike more common types of textiles used for pillows and rugs, kilim are not made by introducing strands of different colors held together, as most rugs are made. Instead, kilim are created by weaving the differently colored strands, which produces a flatweave. To be sure, there are different techniques that produce the famous kilim designs, but they all revolve around the same interweaving principle.


So, if you are looking to decorate your home with a unique and tasteful style that also has a rich history behind it, consider investing in a quality Kilim Pillow or a set of pillows to complement your decoration in your living room or bedroom. These pillows are weaved using only premium quality wool, which is a very durable material, so you can be sure you will be acquiring an item that will last a long time looking as good as new. Best of all, you can choose from among many different styles, depending on the kind of look you are after. You can choose a more traditional or vintage look with your selected pillows, or even a modern take on Kilim Pillows, including little beads interwoven with the wool material, to give your pillow an even more exotic look.