Kids ATVs



All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are small, motorized vehicles, also known as quads, designed to handle rough terrain. They are ridden and operated similarly to a motorcycle, although they typically have four wheels for extra stability, and travel at much slower speeds.



As they are designed for recreational use and aren’t necessarily road legal, they can be driven on private land by kids without the need for a driver’s licence. Whilst Kids ATVs are designed with smaller motors, better brakes and additional safety features they can still be unstable and difficult to control. Rollovers and collision do happen often if the proper care is not taken, so it’s important to ensure kids practice at slow speeds and flat terrain to begin with and wear the proper safety attire.


Kids Dirt Bikes can also provide an off-roading thrill for under 18’s. Dirt bikes can be significantly cheaper and retain their resale value far better than ATV too. Other benefits include being lighter and easier to transport, and the ability to pass through single-track off-road trails that are too narrow for an ATV. Surprisingly once the riding technique is properly mastered they are much safer to drive than ATVs.


ATVs have the advantage of allowing for carrying cargo or passengers and are much easier to start riding. Both Kids ATVs and Dirt Bikes allow your child to experience the great outdoors, join the whole family on an exciting off-road adventure, and teach you thrill-seeking children some responsibility and respect for vehicles and early driving skills.