The concept of women covering their bodies in some way dates back in Islam to the 6th Century. In particular modest clothing is combined with a head covering for head, hair and even full-face coverage. There are many diverse types of traditional Islamic clothing for women including the Hijab, Burqa, Niqab and Khimar. A Hijab is simply a veil worn by women to cover the heat and chest. It can be any type of covering as long as it conforms to a certain standard of modesty as required. It is commonly in the form of a head scarf that is secured over the whole of the head and hair and also covers the neck but not the face. They can be shoulder length or very long to cover hands as well as the body and even down to the feet. Hijab is also used as a verb to describe the act of covering up. A Burqa is a completely enveloping outer garment worn to cover the body, head and the face. Worn by women in some Islamic traditions in order to completely cover themselves when in public. The whole of the face is concealed with just a mesh or net screen around the eyes in order to see through. Niqab is a term for a veil for the face and head that leaves just an area around the eyes clear, whilst covering the mouth and nose. Khimar refers to a cape-like veil which completely covers the hair, neck and shoulders but leaves the face visible. In a literal translation Khimar simply means cloth or cover and a Khimar set is a catch-all term which refers to any type of covering clothing, usually meaning covering the head but also includes full body and face covering garments. Jilbab refers to a long and loose-fitting coat or over-garment worn by Muslim women to cover their entire body.


A Khimar Set sold by Misk of Jannah is a combination of clothing designed to be Islam compliant and combines a Jilbab with skirt or pants and a head covering for either partial head or complete head and face coverage. Khimar sets from Misk of Jannah are designed to be flexible depending on the amount of coverage required, and can be worn as a niqab, burqa or hijab that adapts perfectly without slippage. Advantages of dressing in such a modest fashion include protection from the elements and any lewd glances with a comfortable fit and suitable for any sport. With a Khimar Set made of high quality Muslim Fashion Materials you will find both heat and cold resistance, no need to iron, with wrinkle free materials and a quality and long-lasting garment and the right level of modest coverage you desire.


Misk of Jannah also sell a range of colorful rainbow Quran with each chapter or ‘juz’ in a different vibrant shade and with a beautiful cover design in either magenta or turquoise, other colors are available by request. Perfect for a wedding or hostess gift as a high-quality and eye-catching souvenir.