Kartenlegen am Telefon

Are you facing a decision or situation that is unclear? Do you need answers to the future? Would you like to contact someone in the spiritual field? Do you just need some life advice? Kartenleger Sky Dylan can help you. Sky lives in Germany and is a clairvoyant, medium and tarot card reader. Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to obtain information about a person through psychic perception. Sky uses a combination of clairvoyance and tarot cards to inform you about your future or to answer your questions. If you want to contact someone in the spiritual world, or if you think that the spiritual world has a message for you, he is also a medium.

If you live in or pay a visit to Frankfurt, Luxembourg, St. Moritz, Vienna or Zurich, you can make an appointment with Sky in person. If you live anywhere else in the world, you can make a phone appointment and get a tarot card reading on the phone, or Kartenlegen am Telefon, from Sky. If you go over the time you purchased, it is ok. He does not want to be interrupted or your reading be cut off before you get all the information you are trying to get. The time increments that you can purchase start at 15 minutes and go up to 60 minutes.

Sky uses astrology numerology to help with his telephone readings. You can also book a personal or telephone astrology and horoscope reading with him. With years of experience, Sky Dylan can help give you honest answers about your love life, finances, career and family.