Jack Simony



Becoming a successful entrepreneur and business person in our modern economy takes a lot more that talent, a knack for negotiation, and people skills. These talents might me enough to be an average business person,  but in order to truly be a smashing success and an extraordinary business man or woman, a lot more is required, and no one is better to teach you the soft skills, tricks and tips of the business world quite as Jack Simony.  Mr. Simony is the chairman of the negotiation institute, which since 1966 has provided essential negotiation skills to over one million and two hundred and fifty former students and clients around the world. Through the negotiation institute, Jack Simony has personally overseen the curriculum and course content of his many negotiation courses with the sole objective of providing practical, easily implemented negotiation skills to make his clients and students effective business dealers.


Mr. Simony is recognized as a leader in the business world, both in a corporate and public setting, having managed and provided assessment and consultation services to some of the most prominent corporations, business  associations, educational institutions, and even governments.


Jack Simony is a highly demanded and sought after speaker and writer in forums, conferences, and media around the world. He is frequently invited to speak on finance, litigation, and negotiation topics for a variety of audiences. Mr. Simony is also a trustee of the institute for near east policy in Washington and a member of the army and navy club.