IT Outsourcing




SBS is a Middle Eastern company specializing in information technology for the health care sector. Their wide offer of services ranges from consulting in health management issues, to securely managing private and confidential information, IT outsourcing, web applications, and more. For any health care related business problems, SBS provides expert solutions for all types of health care establishments. They are experts at optimizing all processes related to patient check ins and check outs, medical records and everything else in between. Their services are all focused to creating a well-designed and organized health information management system, essential to create the proper environment for a well-run health care establishment. In consequence, this improves the patients’ experience as well as less communication issues among health care workers because it unifies all the information concerning a specific patient in one place.


All the solutions SBS offers are based on integrating technology to all the information kept on a patient’s records. For example, their patient kiosk, designed for hospitals, is a very innovative way of improving efficiency as well as patient satisfaction by allowing for self-service on a variety of simple procedures that sometimes become frustrating with the traditional approach. A patient kiosk is a series of computer stations, which can be free standing, mobile or mounted on countertops and can interact with a patient on various tasks, such as check ins, copayments, appointment booking, patient feedback, or updating a patient’s data. For more information and details, visit SBS’s website.