Cryptocurrency, many believe, is the currency of the future. Independent of any government or institution, cryptocurrency started as a peer to peer electronic cash system and has evolved into a global phenomenon with thousands of digital currency tokens now available to invest and trade. Their future is uncertain, but many believe there is massive opportunity for growth and it’s true that many fortunes have been made already.



There are three ways that you can acquire cryptocurrency – by ‘mining’ which means contributing your computer processing power to help to create and maintain the blockchain, which is the name for the digital ledger that records all of the cryptocurrency transactions. As a reward for this you will be awarded a small fee, paid in cryptocurrency. Alternatively, you can simply buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency through a crypto exchange – finally, the most exciting way to get involved in cryptocurrency is through ICOs. These are a type of crowdfunding where new cryptocoin projects seek investment, an event is held to sell newly issued tokens before they are released onto the open market. Massive profits can be made by acquiring promising tokens at a discount price but there is no guarantee and you can make a loss, so it is essential to do your research.


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