Honey Based Products



With the winter looming just around the corner, the skin begins to resent the weather changes and begins to look dry and lifeless. No amount of typical hand, face or body lotions can usually resolve this problem, but that is because most lotions contain chemical ingredients designed to get the feeling of moisture without actually moisturizing. I you look in the back of any lotion container for the ingredient list, you will surely find a lot of substance names that look like they belong in a laboratory more than in your skin. Unrecognizable names of things that are so chemically  produced and synthetically created that no one can understand how on earth they ended up becoming lotion ingredients. Fortunately, there is a better, healthier option for your skin and the skin of your loved ones. Try a more natural, holistic approach to your skin care routine with honey based products, such as those created by Chris’s Country Essence.

At Chris’s Country Essence you will find a complete line of holistic, natural honey skin care products designed to keep your skin healthy and only with the best of ingredients, such as beeswax or natural northwestern honey. These products make an ideal gift for your family members or for you, as a way of spoiling yourself and treating your skin with all the care it deserves without breaking the bank. Chris’s Country Essence even offers natural one hundred percent beeswax candles and honey for sale, as well as bath and body products.