Granny Flat



If you are looking for a Granny Flat then AAA Australia Pty Ltd might be the right place to look at. They are the pioneers in this matter and you can completely trust them with your work. The main features that you are going to enjoy from their services is the quick setup. It takes only 1 week for them to finalize the whole design. Also, the floor plans can be customized, you can use them as your permanent house, the walls are well insulated with sturdy floors. The biggest issue with the granny flats are the plumbing and electricity. They make sure to set those things up in advance as well.



The Granny Flat designs that you choose are portable and you can relocate them. You also get the option of having a caravan while maintaining the same design that you chose. These are just the few of the features that they provide you. Apart from that working with the AAA Granny Flats is really beneficial. Since they work quickly, it can save you money and time. You do not need builders separately. If you need a caravan the same design would do fine. You do not have to call a plumber or an electrician separately to fix those for you, since they are already included with your flat.


Not only this, you can even work with them as a partner. All you need to do is list yourself as a reseller on their website and the rest will be taken care by their expert team members. You can sell your caravan or the flat or you can even put them on rent. In short you get the total package from them and you can find nothing to complain about for sure.