Gozo Dietitian



Are you curious about what going to a nutritionist or dietitian is like? You, like most people, may have a general ideal of what a nutritionist or a dietitian does, and might actually be curious about consulting with a professional nutritionist to learn more about your own diet, whether what you eat on a daily basis is a healthy as you may believe, and also learn a few simple and useful tricks you may be able to incorporate into your daily diet to become healthier and wiser about your eating habits. So, to make it easier for you, here we would like to talk about what you can expect from your very first consultation with a registered dietitian or nutritionist.


First of all, before your consultation, your Gozo Dietitian, Manuel Attard, is likely to ask you to fill out a questionnaire and in some cases may even ask for a journal of everything you have eaten in the previous days, so as to get a better objective idea of what your normal eating habits are. This questionnaire usually includes questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, family health history to rule out or consider as the case may be specific chronic diseases that your dietitian should be aware of, and of course, your medical history. During your initial consultation, your chosen Gozo Nutritionist will ask you to expand on your answers to start creating a personalized eating plan just for you and your particular lifestyle. Additional follow up sessions may be required for some people.