Google AdWords Consultant

As a small business owner, there are many tasks that you outsource because it makes financial sense to do so. For example, you outsource your accounting function because the time it would take you to figure it out is more than you are willing to spend and expense is reasonable. If you want to get into internet marketing it would make more sense to bring in a certified Google Adwords Consultant to manage your account rather than to try it yourself. There are some major reasons why a consultant makes financial sense. Experience: A qualified Google Adwords consultant will manage at least 5-10 accounts and will spend over 5000USD in advertising costs. This experience means that they have learned how to build an effective account without wasting any client’s money. There are certain tricks about Google that you can only learn by doing yourself, and outsourcing this task means you will get hundreds of hours of experience instantly. Return on investment: It is possible for you to manage your own account, but it is likely that if it is your first time doing so the key metrics will be very low. Chances are that you will get zero or very low conversions and you will be spending far too much per click. A good consultant can set your account up right from the start so that your performance outweighs the costs of keeping the consultant on retainer. Speed: A Google Adwords consultant should have the right tools and techniques that help them get your campaign active under one week. This includes building an HTML landing page or Microsite. Try to do this yourself for the first time and it might take you at least twice that to get you going. If you want to start immediately, a consultant will get you set faster than you could do yourself.


When considering starting new Google Adwords Campaign for your business, a smart CEO will recognize that he is good at a certain function such as sales or closing, so he will focus on that and you can outsource all the other tasks to a specialized resource. Why teach yourself something new when you can get better results for spending less money by hiring an expert? If your business only focuses on a certain region, for example, your business only focus the people in Dallas then it is advised to consult an expert that will help you reach higher in the Dallas Local SEO market. For any successful Google Adwords campaign, you need to make sure your business is visible on Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, and Facebook. If your business failed to appear well on any of the mentioned platforms, it is time to bring an expert in and stop doing it by yourself. Any good Google Adwords Consultant will advise you to include SEO services to your business as it helps to grow your business locally and even internationally. Before spending any more money on your business, take some help from an expert like Hofford Digital.