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Going to the dentist is about one of the most feared experiences for children and grownups alike. The mere sound of the drill and the smell of chemicals is enough to make anyone shiver. Fortunately, all of this is mainly left over from a past era when going to the dentist was actually a painful and unpleasant experience, but practices and technology have changed and things are very different in a positive way today when one sits in the patient chair. For instance, we now know and understand the dangers of metal amalgams in our mouths, which were the standard for many generations. In fact, a great portion of the population still has them! The dangers of this practice include mercury toxicity and metal poisoning, which can have terrible effects on our overall health. For this reason, many dentists have begun to offer metal free family dental services, with a more holistic and conscious approach to the materials they use on their patients, thinking not only on solving the problem at hand, but also to prevent inadvertently creating more problems in the future.

EccoDental is a holistic, metal free dental practice based in Glendora, California. If you are new to the area and are looking for a reliable dentist or simply would like to switch dentists, check out this Glendora dentist service. EccoDental is fully licensed an offers a well-rounded package of services, from family to cosmetic services, including a wide variety of the latest practices in orthodontics.