Flange Guard



Do you run a chemical plant or a food processing business? Well then, it is pretty obvious that a variety of chemicals are used on a daily basis in your production unit(s). While some chemicals being used are quite commonplace and not so harmful, the same cannot be said about all chemicals that are used during the various processes that occur in the industrial unit. Not only that, the compounds produced as by-products of these processes are often harmful, both for workers and the environment.


Though all industrial units have high-quality pipelines to carry the chemicals and by-products from one point to another, yet it must be considered that leakages can occur at the various joints that exist throughout the system and harmful chemicals can ooze out of the leaks that occur at the joints. To prevent such leaks, a Flange Guard is used. It is a protective layer that prevents seepage of harmful chemicals from the joints in the pipelines.


Installing Flange Spray Shield at the connections can prevent unwanted damages that may occur due to chemical spray-outs. Flange guards are of different types – SS, PP, PTFE, Clear, Teflon, etc. and can be used in a variety of industries like petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, shipping and many others to ensure security and safety of human lives as well as the environment. Modern flange guards come with a range of cutting-edge features that not only prevent leakages, but can also warn against possible chances of leakages, thus making it easier to manage situations.