Fire Curtain



No matter where you look in the history, there’s always have been one thing that has wield the most damaged to buildings and people, in terms of accidents. Even from the data collected from insurance companies, the number of fire incidents that have had happened are seemingly higher than any other accidents. You cannot ignore the fact that there is practically no way to stop the fire from breaking out, especially in the commercial kitchens in hotels. There are so many ways to start a fire, as the probability lies there, what are the actions people are taking to prevent it from happening? Well, as per the rules and regulations of NPFA, it is now mandatory for the building owners to install Fire Curtains inside the buildings.



The purpose of fire curtains is very simple, as the name suggests; fire curtains are those curtains that are not only fire retardant but they also play a vital role in stopping the fire from spreading throughout the building. Fire curtains is not a new concept, the first ever use of fire curtains recorded in history was after the horrible event of fire at Royal Theater in 1887. That incident raised so many questions regarding the fire safety, and soon after that, fire curtains become a norm among the large corporations or any place that has open halls, such as schools and hospitals. It is also legally required in few countries to install fire curtains in schools in order to prevent the damage from happening in case a fire breaks out. However, fire curtains are not something that would sprinkle the water over the fire and put it out, but the main use of fire curtains is to prevent the poisonous smoke from spreading as well as it stops the fire from getting to the other parts of the building. If you look at the history of all the fire incidents, not many people die because of the flames but the amount of people that die from inhaling the poisonous smoke that is constantly emitted from the burning of plastic and other things is very high. This is why, it is absolutely crucial for the business owners to invest little something in the fire curtains, it’ll be worth the money they’ll ever spend since nothing is more precious than a human life.


After looking the sheer benefits of the fire curtains, a lot of business owners have started installing fire curtains in their buildings in order to prevent the damage from happening. Not only that, but in some cases, Fire Shutters are also used to create a safe path to the escape room. If you look the blueprints of Google Headquarter and Burj Khalifa, they all uses Fire Curtain and Fire Shutters, as it makes financial sense to do such. If you’re looking for a place that would manufacture and supply the best Fire Curtains, Fire Shutters, Industrial Shutter, and Roller Shutters then there is only place that could provide you the best products and that is A1S Group.