Have you recently had a server crash that rendered all your .edb files inaccessible? Well then, it is quite possible that you are having a hard time try to access the data stored in these files. Moreover, since a lot of applications use the .edb files for proper operation, it is quite possible that you haven’t been able to use these applications or softwares to their full utility since the crash. At such a time, you must obviously be wondering how you can gain access to these files so that everything is back on track again.



The easiest way to gain access to inaccessible .edb files is by converting EDB to PST. By converting your files to PST, you will once again be able to use the information stored in the .edb files and ensure that nothing is lost due to the server crash. Though this conversion can be done directly, yet it is suggested that you use a third party software or tool for this purpose. This is important because direct conversion may damage your files or make them unreadable, thereby making the conversion futile. On the other hand, most third-party tools are very efficient in .edb file recovery and conversion to .pst.


Not only that, these third party softwares are multi-utility tools that not only help you to convert .edb to .pst files, but also support OST to PST conversion. This conversion is useful when .ost files become unusable due to server crash. You can easily start with the free trial and then buy your subscription if you are happy with the results.