Desiree Gruber



If you are a woman entrepreneur, or if you are an innovator with a novel idea looking for great role models to follow, then there is no one better to begin and end your search than with Desiree Gruber. Ms. Gruber is a true overachiever in business, with a slew of innovative and successful ideas that span the entertainment industry to personal branding, fashion, and beyond. She is the CEO of Full Picture, a company dedicated to the multimedia, brand management and production world. Full Picture is the company that helped bring to life one of the most legendary reality tv shows in recent history, namely, Project Runway, hosted by Heidi Klum. As CEO of Full Picture, Desiree Gruber has also participated in the production of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Ms. Gruber has been the recipient of a prestigious Peabody award and has been nominated eleven times to the Emmy awards.



The latest business endeavors Ms. Gruber is actively involved in include DGNL ventures, which invests in the early stages of start up companies to boost their ability to succeed. Desiree Gruber DGNL focuses on companies that are at the crossroads of technological innovations, lifestyle and celebrity. Some of the past business endeavors of Ms. Gruber have included investing in companies such as popchips, launchmetrics, then known as fashion GPS, as well as other notable companies that have later been acquired by world renowned enterprises, such as Google and Unilever in the case of songza and living proof, respectively.