Desiree Gruber DGNL



Desiree Gruber, a well known publicist and business woman based in New York, is the definition of success in a very competitive environment. Part of her smashing track record of success is surely due to her ability to identify good opportunities across several industries and not confine herself to a particular area. Ms. Gruber has participated in projects as disparate as fashion, retail, technology, and entertainment with enormous success. For instance, she was nominated eight times for the Emmy awards for her outstanding work as executive producer on Project Runway, the well known reality show. She was also a fundamental collaborator to bring to life the Victoria’s Secret famous annual fashion show and was also an early investor in vitamin water. Through Full Picture, her management and public relations agency, she has successfully served many clients, from Google, Conde Nast Entertainment and AOL.


Apart from her countless commercial and entrepreneurial successes, Ms. Gruber is also a consummate philanthropist, generously giving to many worthy causes and collaborating with several not for profit organizations. Desiree Gruber is a member of the boars of the US Fund for UNICEF in New York, God’s Love we Deliver, and aTech:NYC, a non-profit organization with the mission of fostering the technology sector of New York City.



Her latest endeavor is called Desiree Gruber DGNL Ventures, which seeks to invest in startup companies living at the crossroads of entertainment, fashion, and technology.  Desiree Gruber DGNL is sure to become another amazing success, given her proven past track record.