Dean Myerow



Any dog lover is sure to enjoy the newly launched website by Dean Myerow about golden doodle dogs. If you are a dog enthusiast and would like to know more about this new breed of dogs, this website is just for you. If you have not heard about this breed before, it may be because it is a relatively recently created so called designer breed, also known as a cross breed. Golden doodles, as the name implies, are a crossbreed between a golden retriever and a poodle dog, resulting in an adorable golden little dog that has the looks of a poodle with a gentle disposition, perfect for families.



Goldendoodles have an ideal mellow disposition that works well for families with small children who would like to have a goofy, playful dog for the children to play with. Another advantage of this great breed of dogs is that, unlike other kid friendly breeds, goldendoodles do not shed, so if you would rather not have your house and your clothes covered in dog hair, this may be the perfect breed for you.


With this new website by Dean Myerow you can also find information about breed specifics and what to look for in a Goldendoodle if you are planning on acquiring one. Better yet, take advantage of the resources provided to help you locate a pup ready for adoption. This way you save a dog in need and take home the perfect pet for your family and a friend for your kids.