Do you run a home renovation agency that carries out residential and commercial renovations? Well then, you must know how important it is to ensure that all your renovation projects are totally up to the mark and your clients are totally satisfied with the work that you do. Client satisfaction doesn’t only depend on how good the renovations are, but also depends on how neatly you do everything. Renovations obviously entail a lot of debris and leftovers which create a mess. As such, your work as a renovation company doesn’t end with the renovations. You have to take care of the mess as well.


Cleaning up the mess will undoubtedly take a lot of time and effort unless you take proper measures from the very beginning. Use of temporary Carpet Protection while renovating a property is important if you do not want to lose several work hours and labor cleaning up the mess that’s created due to renovations. The use of these temporary protection materials significantly reduces the amount of time and money loss occurring due to cleanup processes that are an inevitable part of any renovation project. The floor coverings are available in a variety of types like rolls, sheets, etc. with different features that may enhance your convenience and make projects much easier.


Though these floor coverings are made of various types of materials like paper, polyethylene films, plywood, cloth, etc. one of the most commonly used and preferred material of use when it comes to surface protection is corrugated plastic, commonly known as Corex.