A PBX is a private branch exchange which means a private telephone network used both internally, for example between members of a business, or for external calls on which works by switching calls between users over shared of virtual communication channels. The PBX operator handles incoming to the switchboard (Conmutador), routing calls to the correct person or department or alternatively send them to a message system. In modern systems this will largely be done by the use of professionally recorded messages and automated systems. You may be familiar with the type of service when you call a company and are directed through a series of options – for sales enquiries press 1, to arrange a deliver press 2 etc.



It is becoming more common for IT and telecommunications services to be outsourced, in part because cloud-based systems are cheap to outsource, provide a failsafe and mean that you can let the experts bring the latest technology and economies of scale to you, leaving your employees free to work on more important matters. Some of the benefits of suing a virtual PBX exchange include – it is easier and quicker to implement then setting up a physical real work switch – it is more flexible you can easily adapt your virtual phone network adding in new users or branches as needed – it’s cheaper, especially as the subscription model is common meaning you don’t have to invest in infrastructure which quickly becomes outdated – it’s more secure as enterprise architecture includes firewalls and adhere to stricter security guidelines.


Conmutadores are the switches that allow you to keep use a single telephone network (you can even keep your existing numbers) but outsource your telephone routing service to a hosted PBX provider. Effectively this means that you can connect all your offices, team and locations around the world to a single telephone network. This everyone with the company to call each other at no cost, boosting communication, productivity and results. You can also use a cloud or internet switch to add local presence by offering a local telephone number for every country you do business in.


Cloud Call is a world-class PBX provider with flexible contracts, a quick activation of your service and reassuring fail-safe infrastructure. They provide an admin control panel which allows you to log in to their web page and manage your phone lines, extensions, telephone numbers and much more. They offer client managers for every account, on hand at all times to give you first class attention and quickly resolve any issues that arise. They make conducting conference calls easy and have many additional features all designed to increase the productivity of your business. These advanced features include: call recording, real-time call reports, unlimited conferencing calling; long distance and international calling; computer, tablet or mobile call redirection. Best of all the switch can be activated within minutes with no fixed contract term. They have a great catalogue of professional voice recording artists in almost every language of the world and provide offer free professional recording for your company switch.