Coffee Sleeves



Have your recently opened up a new bistro in your area? Well then, you must definitely be looking for ways to promote your new venture as much as possible to the public so that you can start getting good profits very soon. Though there are hundreds of ways in which you can promote or advertise your new bistro or coffee shop, an intelligent way of doing so is the use of Custom Cup Sleeves for the coffee or tea cups that you serve to your customers.


Having custom-made sleeves on the cups with the name of your coffee shop or bistro will not only help you easily promote your store amongst random people who happen to notice the name/logo, but will also help create a brand recognition. If you think that adding Coffee Sleeves to all cups that you sell is an unnecessary overhead, then it must be understood that you have a misconception in this aspect. Adding cup sleeves with name and logo will not only be an efficient marketing technique, but will also indicate that you are thoughtful about your customers.


Like it or not, most customers tend to avoid touching the hot surface of the coffee cups while they sip their favorite coffee on their way to work. In fact, many people with soft or sensitive skin may actually get minor burns if they grab the outers of a cup full of hot coffee. As such, if you would like to serve all types of customers, irrespective of whether they are sensitive to heat or not, it would be prudent that all your coffee cups have sleeves that can prevent the direct contact.