Chess Sets



Board games have been around for centuries, there are very few households where people do not any type of board games. When we talk about board games, there is only thing that comes to mind and that is Chess. Chess has been around for over 1500 years and it has kept people engaged in its intense gameplay. They don’t call chess ‘Game of Kings’ for nothing. You will find myriads of chess enthusiasts who would buy expensive Chess Sets as their hobby. However, an expensive chess board doesn’t prove that you are actually good at the game; it requires an intense amount of practice and thinking.



Chess is extremely good for mental exercise as well; it enables you to think critically inside and outside of the game. According to the study done in Venezuela, 4000 students were given chess instructions for four months, and after that there was an upsurge in their overall IQ quotient. However, playing chess is not limited to brainiacs, anyone could play the game and come up with their own strategies to beat their opponent. Chess is truly a game of patience, it allows you to accept defeat and at the same time helps you taste the sweet victory.


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