If you are looking to lose weight, build muscles and feel good then a healthy diet and exercise regime is a must. One of the best ways to get fit is through strength training, and this can be done without the need for expensive gym membership with a set of free weights. If you are training for a sport or competition, weight training is also important. Even if your sport is aerobic and specialized, increased whole-body fitness and strength can give you a competitive edge and help to prevent injury.


As well as doing light weightlifting and aerobic exercises you can use weights to build strength and muscle with lifts such as rows, bench press, shoulder press, tricep extension and weighted lunges. There is plenty of advice and lots of workout videos available online to help you master the basics. Weights are also utilized in some of the most popular fitness trends such as HIIT training, CrossFit and Tabata training.



The Cheapest Dumbbells don’t have to cost very much at all and it is possible to find affordable and quality weights from many online retailers. There are a few basic features you should look at when deciding which dumbbells to use. Neoprene dumbbells can be picked up for rock bottom prices, but they won’t stand up to wear and tear as well as a higher quality rubber encased dumbbell. If you are looking for a lighter weight dumbbell (for example for aerobic use) and treat them with care however they can still last for many years. If you are looking to invest in a set with a higher weight range or need them to be robust to withstand explosive moves, or lifts where you might drop the weights than instead look at rubber encased dumbbells.


The very Cheapest may work out more expensive if they are not built to last and you find that the grips wear out making them difficult to use and necessitating replacement. Look for weights that are durable and sturdy with a comfortable grip. Most weights come in various weight increments so make sure to check that the range covers your requirements, sometimes dumbbells come as part of a set of various weights, as a set of 2 identical weights and sometimes they are available to purchase individually. When buying online it’s important to read the description carefully and be sure that you know what you are buying. If the pictures show a set of dumbbells but the description mentions only one, singular, then you could easily be mistaken. Dumbbell sets are usually a good buy since there is added value from buying in bulk and often some kind of stand or storage will be included.


All the dumbbells recommended by expensive cheapest website feature a Hex dumbbell shape, this makes them easier to place and store since they won’t roll away. They give a breakdown of their top recommended cheapest dumbbells available to buy today, breaking down the differences between different dumbbells as well as some advice on training and nutrition.