Car Driving Simulator



For learning to drive, one low cost option is driving simulator software. This is software that mimics the car driving experience with a training curriculum to enable fast skill acquisition, a virtual instructor and student assessment.



A Car Driving Simulator teaches vehicle control and safe traffic interaction, allowing the driver to practice in a range of different environments from urban to rural. The simulator can even be set up to accommodate local driving rules – such as left or right-hand driving, local road signs and with matching virtual scenery. It is important for driver training to practice a lot – it’s usually recommended that at least 40 hours of driving is undertaken before a first driving test in order to master the task automation necessary to be fully attentive to your road surroundings. A car driving simulator gives you this experience without having to spend hours on the road with a qualified driver accompanying you.


Software is programmed with simulated training scenarios to mimic natural human behaviors and to assess drivers’ ability and fitness to drive. If can be used to teach basic vehicle control for beginners through to advanced driving techniques. It is extremely helpful to promote hazard awareness and test the effects of driver distractions, particularly for young drivers, in a risk-free environment. As well as driver training, you can use a Driver Simulator for Training and Research, for example by creating scenarios and tests to monitor driving behavior, reaction times, pharmacological effects, or peer pressure and other social experiments.