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Are you planning a vacation in the upcoming months? Well then, it is high time that you start thinking about the place where you would like to vacation this year with your friends and family. The proper choice of place of vacation is very important as a wrong choice can totally mar the pleasure of vacation of leave you and your friends and family unhappy with the entire experience. The place must be chosen keeping in mind the choices and preferences of those who will be traveling along with you. Making the proper choice will guarantee that you and your acquaintances have the best time of the year, making memories that will last a life time.


If you haven’t yet decided on which place would be ideal for your upcoming vacation or are in a dilemma about which place to choose amongst the various fantastic choices that you have, then you can refer to Bubbly Moments. The website gives you fantastic details about different holiday destinations that you would like to cover this holiday or in any of the upcoming ones. The list of places covered by the website is quite elaborate and spread over different continents and cultures, ensuring that you will find something to suit your liking on the website.


The website is run and maintained by Emilia, who is a full time orthodontist and a passionate traveler who has traveled to different parts of the world, along with her friends and spouse. She is one of the most popular Chicago Travel Influencer of the present times and her website is a perfect guide for anyone who is looking to find fantastic travel destinations and explore them during the coming holidays. From sleek urban destinations to serene honeymoon destinations, Emilia has covered and explored different countries and cities across the world that will not only fulfill your travel lust but also ensure that you have inner peace once you are back from your vacation.


Emilia is an inspiration for all those who want to travel the world yet often find themselves bogged down by their daily hectic schedules. However, Emilia shows how one can easily travel to all places of interest and preference while still being able to maintain their jobs. She enlists a number of holiday destinations that can be easily covered in a few days if you have less time in hand. Her lucid writing and comprehensive guidelines make it easier for any travel enthusiast to travel to different places across continents without having to hamper one’s job or family schedules.


She also outlines different brands and products that she loves to use and has been satisfied with their service during her various travels. From staying at Airbnb to traveling via Uber and using UberEats while vacationing, Emilia has done it all and suggests that these are amongst the most satisfactory and reliable services that she has encountered so far and profusely recommends them. Any travel enthusiast can easily follow her recommendations and ensure that their vacation is satisfactory and hassle free.