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Bitcoin has been around for nearly a decade and it’s still growing. Back in the day, a vast array of people only considered bitcoin as a ‘bubble’ but after looking at the increasing price and the long list of benefits it comes with has left everyone speechless. If you don’t know much about bitcoin then it is advised to check out Bitcoin Koers’ website, you will find everything you need to know on there. However, if you are keen on learning on Bitcoin then you came to the right place. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is considered as the future of our currency.


Bitcoin is a blockchain based currency that means your transactions will be stored in the public ledger that is accessible through the blockchain website. The blockchain is not just limited to bitcoin; you can store anything you want in the public ledger. A lot of people tend to put their important documents in the blockchain so that there is no way of editing it. Bitcoin is constantly growing and it has gained a lot of media attention as well as investors’.


There was a time when investing in something like bitcoin was considered as an act of stupidity. However, as the times are changing, Bitcoin has managed to become the number one digital currency, in terms of market value. If you wish to learn more about bitcoin, then you don’t have to fall for the shady scams on the internet when you can simply go to Bitcoin Koers’ website.