Best Speech Therapist in Orange County



If your child is suffering from speech or language issues you will probably be recommended to have them assessed by a speech therapist, also known as a speech-language pathologist (SLP).  An SLP works with your child on speech, oral motor skills and language development all of which are vital for verbal communication.  They can treat a range of speech and language problems which can be caused by issues such as learning disabilities, cognitive communication disorders, physiological abnormalities or social anxiety.  Whatever the underlying cause, with modern evidence-based communication and language therapies, help is available to improve and develop your child’s speech and language at their own pace.  If you are looking for Orange County Speech Services and a speech therapist with several years’ experience, including within an education setting, you should take a look at Avid Speech Therapy’s services.  They offer a free consultation and are passionate about providing a bespoke treatment plan to give every client the care and attention they deserve.



As you would expect from the Best Speech Therapist in Orange County, Avid Speech Therapy is licensed by the State of California and accredited by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  Founder, Narissa Ventress M.A., CCC-SLP has a wealth of practical experience with extensive knowledge and understanding of speech therapy whilst offering her services at an affordable cost.  Contact Avid Speech Therapy for a free initial consultation and to check their availability and pricing. They offer an extensive range of services including individual and group therapy, education and consultation.