Best Double Stroller




As a new parent, you are bound to have questions about the things you truly need to bring up your young children. If you are a parent to two small children, a double stroller is a must because it allows you to keep your children in one place. Another option would be to buy two individual strollers, but then this means managing to push two different strollers, which can be very difficult. So, if you need a double stroller, you might be asking what is the absolute best double stroller? You do not want just about any double stroller, you need one that will keep your children secure and one that is easy to manage, without breaking the bank. There are some characteristics that you definitely need to keep in mind when deciding what is the best double stroller for your specific needs.



First, the seating alternatives. Maybe you would prefer one where the seats are positioned side to side or one where one seat is in front and the other right behind it. The first option allows you to easily reach both children and it also keeps both children within easy distance of each other, so they can communicate and play together, which may make them less inclined to get bored or cranky on long outings. The Joovy Scooter X2 is one example of such a double stroller. It features side to side seats, both with the ability to recline and with reinforced wheels and bearings for easy maneuvering.