Feeling stressed because of the daily schedule? Well, if you wish to get away from all these and spend some of your time amidst the beauty of hills and nature then Dharmagiri is the best place for you. It’s a Yoga retreat center amidst the hills of Thiruvananthapuram. With the private cottages along with verandas, large bathrooms, and serene ambiance, this is the place that can truly restore your mind, body, and soul. This place is run by Ayurvedic doctors and you may not find another ideal place for relaxation and healing through the Ayurvedic treatment.


Dharma Group is known for its various healthcare initiatives but most importantly, all of their initiatives revolve around Ayurvedic which is really one of the powerful and admired ways of healing. Amongst all other healthcare initiatives, Dharma Group has an Ayurvedic hospital named Ayurmana. It’s the perfect place for someone looking for some friendly atmosphere where he or she will be able to get their spirit back. With the power of Ayurvedic treatment, this hospital makes sure you feel the magic of Ayurveda while you stay there. Ayurvedic cures as you know it are long lasting but fast effective and that is what makes this place one of the best places to be. With the proven strategies and experienced doctors, you can certainly rediscover yourself within a short period of time.


If you go through the Ayurmana Reviews you will get to know a lot more about this place. The walking track, herbal garden, ayurvedic kitchen, every single thing plays its part in your healing and the doctors make sure to discuss your progress and your thoughts so that you not only heal but also enjoy your time while being at that place.